Hong Kong
  • Asia in Africa Investment Forum; 亚非投资论坛
    20 November 2018, Beijing, China
    “China World Summit Wing; 中国北京国贸大酒店“
  • China Energy Assembly, Beijing; 中国能源大会
    9 October 2018, Beijing, China
    “LBC Energy Interview with the Energy Council, Beijing“
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Sector in China
    20 September 2018, Beijing, China
    “LBC Energy: Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Sector in China“
  • European Energy Security & Large Infrastructure…
    (Nord Stream 2)
    28 March 2018
    “An International Energy Litigation Lawyer & M&A…“
  • LBC UK Oil and Gas E&P Seminar 2015
    22 October 2015
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  • RBIS 2011, New York Stock Exchange Center
    Energy Panel
    Russia Business and Investment Summit 2011
    27th - 28th of October 2011 New York
  • Expected Sector Activity and Crude Oil Flows
    Platts 3rd Annual Crude Oil Conference
    27th - 28th of May 2010 London
  • CEE Energy 2009 Chairwoman’s Address
    CEE Energy 2009
    24th - 25th of September 2009 Istanbul
What makes us different?
LB Capital Limited provides cutting edge strategic and technical advisory services in Infrastructure and Natural Resources sectors. Together with LBC Energy we serve professional clients such as corporate clients and governments, as well as a range of financial institutions including private equities and sovereign wealth funds.

Unlike LBC Energy Advisory with singular sector specialisation in Oil & Gas, LB Capital provides strategic advice in all subsectors of Natural Resources and Infrastructure such as Oil & Gas Infrastructure, Power & Utilities (Reneration & Infrastructure), Renewable Energy, Mining, Construction, Transportation and other subsectors of Infrastructure such as Marine Infrastructure.

We were founded on the belief that a private and independent advisory firm that offers pure advice, untainted by the conflicts inherent in multi-product investment banks, offers superior value to sophisticated and result-oriented sector clients. Based on long-standing relationships with senior executives in the sector, and free from the conflicts that can restrict bulge-bracket advice, we believe in truly independent advice in the boardroom.

Since inception, our model has evolved in response to the industry’s increasing demand for a more thoughtful and sophisticated approach to portfolio optimization, capital re-deployment, and careful investing.
Our services
Our commitment to our clients has enabled us to deliver the highest level of support, service and value-added advice to projects and clients that require more detailed attention that is unattainable by universal larger institutions.

We provide strategic and technical input in relation to:
• Joint Venture structuring and execution
• Corporate and asset level restructurings
• Pulic-private projects and partnerships
• Public, corporate and project level strategy
• Exit strategies and company sales
• Strategic reviews

Our particular forte in assisting sell-side clients and governments, in particular, is our legacy client and contact base amongst well-funded Asian partners such as Asian sovereign institutions. Such a legacy base helps us deliver value to state-owned clients in large infrastructure projects along the Silk Road initiatives such as, for instance, the Belt and Road Initiative.